ART337 Refection;

As a Public Relations major, I’m not exactly sure how I ended up in a class for art/digital media students, but I was there anyway. I’m not even going for an Art minor (although I probably could at this point). The only reason I ended up in an advanced Graphic Design course was because I was fascinated by the practice, and I wanted to learn more.

I was unsure of myself when I enrolled in this class. Again- I’ve never taken a graphic design course before. I did take a Typography class, which introduced me to Adobe programs and the whole idea of graphic design.

I found that I really love this whole area of art. I enjoy working with these programs, and I love seeing how designs and artwork emerge from a click of a mouse rather than the stroke of a paintbrush.

I didn’t come into this class with the intention of being an artist, and I didn’t come out one either. I do enjoying being creative and expressing my creative side- One thing I’ve discovered through this course is ALL jobs require some creative capabilities, no matter where you work. Having the ability to express your creativity is more important than we realize.

I’m absolutely okay that I didn’t become an artist out of this class. This class helped me take my very introductory knowledge of graphic design and apply it in ways I had no idea I was capable of.

For example, I’ve never created a logo before, and this class forced me to. I may never make a logo again in my life, but now I can show people that I have created one. Or, if I’m ever in a place where I need a logo, I won’t be completely clueless.

I’m glad this class forced me to use the little skills I have because know I feel more comfortable going into the workforce and sharing my capabilities as a creative. I know I’m not an amazing graphic design artist, but I have the basic, necessary creative skills that many others do not have.

Besides, my digital media and graphic design knowledge can boost my marketability, which, to me, is invaluable.

So I’m glad I took this course. Not because it turned me into an artist, but because it taught me how to use my creative side, pushed me beyond my artistic limits, and helped me reached my creative potential.


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