Advertising for the “Deadpool” film pays tribute to its cheeky main character

The marketing team for the Deadpool movie has done a wonderful job of sticking to Deadpool’s unique personality. Known as a quirky antihero who does the right thing in a very roundabout way, the viral marketing tactics used to advertise the Deadpool movie pay respects the main character of the film while drawing in attention across the board.

Audiences have demanded a Deadpool movie from Fox for years, and just as the attention was dying down and people finally gave up their dreams of the movie ever making it to production, footage from a Deadpool test shooting leaked into the internet, immediately grabbing the attention of those who have been long awaiting the movie. Whether or not the leak was a marketing ploy was never confirmed, but either way, it lead to the development of the actual movie which will be released in a few short days.


Once the Deadpool movie was confirmed, the marketing team, Fox, and Ryan Reynolds went full blast with the tongue-in-cheek, memorable marketing techniques that have had the internet abuzz since the movie’s confirmation.

The first look fans had of Reynolds in his Deadpool garb was also our first look at the direction of the marketing for this film. The official photo shows Reynolds stretched out in front of a fireplace in a rather suggestive pose, but fans loved it and the personality it held.


Another big concern was the rating of the movie. Deadpool is known for language and violence, and fans were worried that a PG-13 rating wouldn’t do the anti-hero justice. Fox released the official rating as PG-13, but it turned out to be an April Fool’s prank when Reynolds crashed into the set of an interview in full Deadpool gear and announced the actual rating would be R. Once again, fans were thrilled at the cheeky nature of the character and the playfulness of the announcement.


Fox has also successfully played into holiday trends to market the Deadpool movie. Leading up to Christmas, Fox had a “12 Days of Deadpool” trailer that led up the the 2nd trailer release on Christmas day. Newer posters for the movie have depicted Deadpool as a love-story, especially with the release date being Feb. 12, which is so close to Valentine’s Day.

Other posters have paid tribute to other movies we’ll be expecting this year, but with a Deadpool spin. One poster references the Green Lantern film, but features Deadpool with a glowing ring pop. Another one depicts Deadpool vandalizing the Batman vs. Superman movie posters.


We knew from the Deadpool trailers that the main character suffers from testicular cancer, and of course it was only a matter of time before the character himself released a PSA entitled: Touch Yourself Tonight. Whether or not the message was intended as viral marketing or an actual PSA doesn’t matter, in the end it spreads a positive message and still brings attention to the movie.


More recently, the large emoji billboard had a few people confused and showed us how ridiculous Fox is willing to get with their Deadpool advertising. In Los Angeles, a simple billboard plastered with a skull and poop emoji followed by the letter “L” intended to spell out “Dead Poo L”. This was later followed by a post from Ryan Reynolds:


As the release date for the movie approaches, all advertising rules seem to be thrown out the window as the advertising slowly gets crazier. Not that we mind at all.


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