7 Free E-Books to Help Your Public Relations Career

Looking for some quick guides to help you in PR? These e-books cover just a few areas that PR practitioners struggle with. See if any of these might help you.

1. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

SEO is important not only for web developers, but for public relations practitioners who may blog or produce content for a website on a regular basis. Search Engine Optimization allows your content to be found easily by search engines through the use of keywords, tags, and more. The guide will help you understand the basics of SEO, from researching keywords to measuring your analytics.

2. Crisis Averted by Sprout Social

A crisis of any kind could hit your brand at any time, so it’s best to be prepared. Creating a crisis plan is essentially for any company, and when it comes to social media, it’s important to know how you’ll respond before the crisis occurs. This 6-step guide gives you an overview of how to handle crisis situations to keep them under control and reminds you the best offense is a good defense.

3. Love Your Angriest Customers by VisionCritical

No one is ever excited to deal with angry customers, but how a company responses to these angry customers can make a huge difference. Sometimes those customers who are the angriest are actually the ones who were the most loyal. It’s important to understand the needs of your publics and how you can respond to them. This e-book focuses on how you can approach conversations with these customers to fix the relationship and make it stronger than ever before.

4. My #PRStack and My #PRStack 2

The My #PRStack series is a guide book created by a community of those working in public relations. The e-book includes modern PR tools and workflow for anyone working within public relations. These books cover everything from social media monitoring to content development to measuring engagement. These e-books feature comment by people working in the field explaining why they use these tools.

5. PR in the Age of Inattention by InkHouse

Grabbing your audience’s attention can be hard when posting in such a competitive world where everyone is trying to have their voice heard. Some of the people with the least amount of time are reporters and those in the media, who are sent thousands of pitches by PR practitioners. This e-book is all about the best way to approach media relations and create your stories to get everyone interested – and listening.

6. Public Relations’ Digital Resolution by Stella Bayles

How has public relations changed in the digital era? This e-book is filled with creative strategies to make your content influential, engage your audience and the media, and learn the financial value of PR today. The impact of PR has dramatically widened and we need to understand what it takes to be a competitive PR practitioner in the world today.

7. Social Media is Weird by Cru

This guide was developed to help ministries understand and better engage with social media, but a lot of the information included can help all brands. This e-book includes a lot of good information about how and when to post to various social media channels, an overview on how to stick to branding guidelines, and overall design tips. It also explains how to put together a content calendar to help keep your posts regularly and consistent.


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