Brands Who Haven’t Started Using Snapchat Should Start Soon

A recent survey found Snapchat is ranked as the most important service by teens than Instagram, who has been topping the charts for almost two years. Messaging apps have quickly become the more popular social media apps, mainly due to the intimate and transparent nature they provide. Snapchat also has had very quick growth rate compared to the other well-known social platforms, plus the best engagement rate with over 400 million snaps sent daily. So how can companies best utilize this app?

Snapchat’s Discover

Photo Credit: Recode

The Discover feature of Snapchat is exclusive, to put it lightly. Only 18 companies are currently represented in the Discover section. Snapchat chooses its companies strictly based on data, not overall influence or power. This means a lot of companies want representation but don’t have it. Snapchat will swap brands in and out as it sees fit, so only the companies with the best hits will keep the Discover status.

While getting displayed on the Discover page is exclusive and highly-sought after, it also takes a strong team of people to produce the daily content. Each company has several pages of fresh, engaging content each day for its users, which takes a long time to produce. When thinking about going after the Discovery status, it’s good to keep in mind the dedication that comes with it.

Using the App

Even if you don’t have Discover status, you can still get a lot of engagement out of Snapchat. The live story feel of Snapchat breaks the wall that exists between consumers and a company when more traditional media methods are used. Cory Haik, executive producer of emerging news products at the Washington Post, says, “Discover is a news bundle; Stories is just quick-hit photos and videos that capture a live moment. There’s a raw connection and engagement potential with users than a more produced Discover.” Using Snapchat stories can create a more organic connection between users and the company.

It’s important to make story content engaging and interesting, while still remaining true to the brand. If you do have a Discover app, story content should be unique instead of a copy of what’s in the Discover section. Humor always receives positive feedback, and Snapchat is an easy way to get a lot of employees involved. The more people you can pass along your Snapchat account to, the more unique, interesting and raw content you’ll have for your story.

Be Creative With Stories

Photo Credit: Simply Measured

Besides having transparent content, it’s also important to generate enough interest to make users want to view your story. Making big announcements, going behind-the-scenes, or launching a campaign centered on Snapchat are a few possibilities companies can take to be more creative with their Snapchat stories. Having timely content or content tied to specific events is also important. People often send Snapchats during big events or while something is happening, so having a Story with content relevant to an event will draw in more traffic.


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