4 Best Humor Ads From April 2016

Grandma’s Cookies – Are you my grandma?

Grandma’s Cookies’ recent campaign tries to capture the warm familiarity we have when it comes to our grandmas. In these ads, people eating Grandma’s cookies find themselves being address as ‘Grandma’ by others who are so enraptured by the smell of Grandma’s cookies. This ad shows a woman and a man in a break room, but there are others in the series, including a group of business colleagues in a car, two kids in a cafeteria, and a man and young girl in a park. The ads are cheesy, but adorable.

MACMA – ManBoobs4Boobs

The Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama MACMA (Breast Cancer Help Movement) organization based in Argentina released an ad that straight out addresses the censorship of female breasts by showing viewers how to do a breast exam using a male model since female models are always blurred out. The video raises awareness of detecting breast cancer in early stages, and already social media users have been using the hashtag #ManBoobs4Boobs to show support for the ad.

Shutterstock – Best Bob in the Wold

Watch the video at Creativity Online

Back in 2009, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity awarded Tourism Queensland for its “Best Job in the World” campaign. Ads placed in newspapers around the world sought after an island caretaker for Queensland and has since been dubbed the world’s greatest PR stunt after attracting tens of thousands of applicants. Shutterstock took this idea and decided to parody it. Using on stock footage, the brand created a search for the “Best Bob in the World”. The search was performed for a garlic wiener brand who found a large percentage of its customers were named Bob.

Mtn Dew Kickstarter – Freak Chain

If the Puppymonkeybaby advertisement by Mtn Dew Kickstarter wasn’t enough for you, then this ad may delight you. In the similar surreal fashion to creating the Puppymonkey baby ad, Mtn Dew created an ad that follows the transference of its Kickstarter drink between a chain of animals. One taste of the drink gets any animal shaking and dancing. Similar to the other Kickstarter ads, audience views are divided between loving it and hating it.


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