About Me

erin: n. a combination of too much caffeine, internet memes, and cool socks.


My name is Erin Zakin. I’m a current student at Messiah College majoring in Public Relations with a concentration in Digital Media. This website is my portfolio to display samples of my photography, writing, and design work.

I currently work as the Web Manager for the Pulse: Media Hub at Messiah College, and I’m an intern at Sacunas Integrated Communications in Harrisburg, PA.

My writing samples include a collection of work I’ve done for my Public Relations writing class, which includes a media kit, webwriting, and more. I also write for the Messiah College newspaper, the Swinging Bridge, and the communication department newsletter, Commraderie.

Things I like: Chai lattes, Jesus, blankets, facebook, salt & vinegar chips, Ireland, scarves, fashion, chocolate-covered espresso beans, glitter, breakfast, my ipod, dogs, warm cookies, sunshine, photography, blackberries, Batman, running, hammocks.

Feel free to send me any questions or comments to either email (listed below).



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