Design Samples


Click anything below to see some of the pieces I’ve designed.

Youth Impact Project Design Work

For my senior Public Relations Campaign class, I worked alongside a team of PR students for our client, Youth Impact Project, a nonprofit based in the Harrisburg-area. Over the course of the semester, I developed several pieces for the website and an event.

Website– I developed a new website for the Youth Impact Project team to really showcase its mission and connect with its target audience.

Event Invitation– Sent out to those invited for the awareness event organized by the PR student team

Event Program– Program for the presentation portion of the event

Pledge Card– Hand out for those who wanted to donate money to Youth Impact Project

Event Poster– Placed in the front entrance of event for our kiosk display

Design Book– Final project for my Typography class. We were asked to take photos of type in the environment, then use those pictures to create a book. I chose to focus my book on Starbucks and privately-owned coffee shops, titled Coffee Enthusiasts.

Saltbox Logo– Project: Saltbox is a small start-up company based in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in mobile app design. I was asked to develop a logo for this company. I also created a mock-up for this design HERE.

Conquering New Territories in Design– Layout designed for the Beat magazine, a student-created-and-run magazine at Messiah College.

Quote app-Project: Develop concept art for an app of your own creation. My app, currently unnamed, is a location-based quote app. Users check into their location and can read quotes left behind by others or post their own quote. The quotes can only be read if you are checked into that location.

The Pulse Website: As the Web Manager for the Pulse: Media Hub, Messiah’s student-run communication center, I design and manage the website for the Pulse.

Design work for the Messiah Communication Department

Success Stories– Open House handout

Minors Brochure– Brochure promoting minors in the Comm department

Communication Department Website– As the Comm Department webmaster, I constantly update and design new pages for the department website.


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