The Commraderie is Messiah College’s communication department newsletter. Each newsletter is released every 1-2 months. The Department recently decided to discontinue the newsletters to instead release articles continuously on the Department webpage.

Listed below are all the editions I have contributed writing for. All additional articles will be posted on the department webpage here.

May 2014

September 2014

November 2014

December 2014

February 2015

Articles on the Department website:

How Brian Williams Hurt Himself, NBC, and the Journalism Field

QR Codes: Disappearing Act of Hiding (Slightly) Behind the Scenes?

Swinging Bridge Newspaper Captures National Honors, Revamps Format

Student Sportscasters Promote Teams, Practice On-Air Skills

“Snapperhero” Allows Audience to Drive Storyline

On-Air Violence Prompts Live Broadcast Debates

Surf and Serve connects student’s love of surfing with community needs


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